We have designs of full timber frame or partial timber frame “hybrid” homes in sizes from 1,200 to 2,400 square feet, and our plans can be used unchanged or adapted to your individual specifications. In the Chelan area we do partial or complete custom home construction.

For more distant projects we design, deliver and install the timbers and/or components, coordinating with your builder or contractor.

Our twenty years of experience and keen attention to detail ensure that each handcrafted home meets your individual specifications… and your budget. Our small home designs have been created with the idea that timber-framed homes need not be restricted to the very wealthy. We work on one home at a time so your project will receive our full attention from beginning to completion.

We can cut a frame from any wood available. All of our work to date has featured Douglas Fir which is among the strongest of the structural species. The character of many of our frames has been enhanced by the use of recycled timbers which have been salvaged from a variety of old buildings. This enables the use of a precious resource which otherwise might have been wasted. We construct all of our timber homes using the ancient art of mortise and tenon joinery. These homes are built to last.